James Ibechi

Oju/Obi 2023: Obeka expands consultations amid amid APC’s high forms fees

The APC’s recent shocker with the prohibitive fees for nomination and expression of interest forms less than one-year to the next general elections in the country, may have dampened the mood of aspirants on the broom party platform.

In Oju/Obi federal constituency of Benue State, a House of Reps aspirant, Dr. Jo-Lewis Obeka recieved the news of the exorbitant fee with equanimity though, to him the decision of the party National Working Committee to peg the forms at prohibitive fees was not only ridiculous and anti-good aspirants, having viewed it as an uphill task for the common man to afford, he said the fees would also encourage corruption and disenfranchise young people who are intending to run for election on the party platform, but who cannot muster the high fees.

Dr. Obeka who recieved the news of the high fees as fixed by his party when he was in the height of consultations with stakeholders and delegates across the council wards in Oju and Obi LGAs of the state said, however that even though the N10million price of the House of Reps forms, where his interest directly lies, was a source of worry to many because it was too high for comfort, his aspiration and consultative mood was not dampened.

While he however appeals to the party NWC and caucus to heed the public outcry against the exorbitant nomination and expression of interest forms fees of the party and reduce them, Dr. Obeka said he was still intensifying and widening consultations among stakeholders over his aspiration to represent the Igede people at the Lower Chamber of the National Assembly next year, come what may.

Dr. Obeka recently declared interest in the House of Reps election in 2023, seeking to represent the federal constituency on the broom party platform and has since been crisscrossing the council wards, consulting the party delegates and holding meetings, with stakeholders including royal fathers who increasingly give him their blessings and endorsing him for the position he is seeking in the forthcoming election.

Obeka, a Ph.D holder and grassroots mobiliser rates top among the APC aspirants in Oju/Obi.

The APC forms will be on sale beginning Tuesday, April 26, 2022 and the days ahead will tell if the aspirants will brace the odd of the prohibitive forms fees and go ahead to purchase them, or whether they will rescind decisions to contest.

For Dr. Obeka, the outcome of his consultations with his teeming supporters and general stakeholders will tell while he intensifies consultations among party delegates.

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