James Ibechi

Catastrophe looms in Lobi FC

* Three ‘Musketeers’ fingered

By Our Reporter

Mr. Tama Aondofar, the substantive Vice Chairman of Lobi Stars Football Club, set off on assumption of duty, with the agenda to reposition the Benue football club and return it to its winning streak in both national and international cup competitions.
The fans of the football team never expected the management of the club to perform any less.
Investigations, however, revealed that the Lobi Star FC has confronted a nightmare.
The expectations of the fans, supporters and lovers of the football club have turned somber, as the club is presently alleged to be struggling for survival under the stranglehold of three “musketeers,“ who had been alleged to include the substantive vice chairman of the club himself, Mr. Aondofar.
The other musketeers, it was gathered, included Emmanuel Chugh Terzungwe and Sam Aindigh who were fingered in gross mismanagement of the football club.

It was alleged that the trio of Aondofar, Terzungwe and Aindigh had run the affairs of Lobi FC in a way that only lined their pockets, while the players suffered underfunding and consequent underperformance in their outings.
Some of the allegations mounting against the three men who had allegedly acted as a cabal in the management of Lobi FC included salary racketeering, abnormalities in the registration of players and gross mismanagement of the resources allocated to the club by the State Government.
The allegations followed recent reports in some sections of the media, alleging that the club’s board secretary, Mr Emmanuel Chugh Terzungwe, had been involved in salaries scam.
According to the reports, Mr. Terzungwe had been collecting N1million monthly as salary from Lobi FC. Same person also allegedly collects monthly salaries from state government agencies and Ministry of Youth and Sports Development in particular, where he is a bonafide staff, a criminal offence by the state law.
Also, since the story of the alleged corruption in the state FC had become rife in recent times, many fans of Lobi FC had taken to their social media handles especially Facebook, accusing Mr. Aindigh and Mr. Terzungwe of being an anathema to the development of the football club.
Some of the social media reactionary had interrogated the role of the duo in Lobi and accused the two of perpetrating deceit in the management of the club.
They also wondered why Mr. Aondofar would allow alien soccer shenanigans strive under his watch, despite that he had once demonstrated professionalism in the management of the club.
The social media critics had, therefore, frowned at what they described as Mr. Aondofar’s alleged “unholy alliance” with Sam and Terzungwe, to rock the boat of Lobi FC’s management.
An inside source said there could be deeper sleaze connecting the three men than what had been little known in the media and called for probe into the affairs of the club. The source called on the government and stakeholders to wade in to avoid what he said is a looming catastrophe in the Club.
Similarly, there were those, also, who had called on the state government to suspend the three men to pave way for probe.
Several attempts made through regular telephone calls and whatsapp messages to get Mr. Terzungwe, Mr. Aondofar and Aindigh to comment on the allegations were unsuccessful as they did not reply the messages or call back.

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