James Ibechi

Perspective: Violence as a political tool?

Okwe Ogah

My fear with violence as political tool for power acquisition is that, rather than it abetting, it will get worse and entrenched. That is the nature of evil that is not challenged or resisted.

No doubt, the present men in power used the violence prevalent in the days prior to its ascension to power as a tool to climb to power

I hope, it is not the same thing that is being played out at the moment because, what happen these days is a rush to condemn the government instead of taking swipe at the perpetrators of these hideous Acts.

The moment we shift and devote our energy to excoriating the government without forcefully denouncing these merchants of death and evil; thinking that it is an opening for us to gain political power, we shall soon discover to our chagrin like the present superintendents of affairs must have realized and are finding out. What’s more, nobody have monopoly of evil of violence.

Let’s look at it. How has mere going into the archives to dig out materials in order to compare the security situation then and now without as a single word of condemnation of those that are committing this unfathomable evil against human lives help to stem the tide of evil currently taking place in our midst?

How has rationalizing evil practices like corruption for instance helped in reducing incidences of corruption in the nation? is it not that it helps provide cover for the perpetrators and embolden those with intend to commit theirs?

Any evil template used for acquisition of power will only lead to further widening of our socio-economic and political challenges. We can attest to this fact from what religion and ethnicity has done to us as a people.

We cannot attain nationhood today largely because of those two templates used in the acquisition of power in the past and even now.

The way we are going, if we don’t halt the trend but rely on the matter of insecurity to gain power, I am afraid, wanton killing and collateral damage including sabotage will increase on higher dimension in the years ahead. Somebody should mark this die posterity.

The way to go is for all to come out strongly to denounce and condemn in no small measure, those sponsoring and committing the most sacrilegious acts of taking human lives in large numbers.

We can’t afford to use violence as a template for political gain. It will ultimately lead to our annihilation and as a path to more destruction, pain and agony.

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