James Ibechi

Ojotu: Shinning star beyond blackmail


Pst Ojema Ojotu

When Comr.(Pastor) Ojema Ojotu’s name was sent to the 9th Benue State House of Assembly as Commissioner-nominee among others, he was simply asked to take a bow and leave during screening because, according to the lawmakers, Ojotu was a good man who had impacted Benue positively.

That is why the story that had surfaced in the social media by one Denen Achussa about the Civil Service Union, intending to portray the union boss and former Commissioner for Sport and Youth Development, Comr. Pst. Ojotu in an unpleasant light shocked a number of people who have read it.

It was skewed and unfair to Pst Ojotu.

In the report, the union narrative was not only twisted, it was also laced with barefaced lies to suit the imagination of the writer and was tantamount to misinformation in the end.

The story author Achussa surely failed to contact Ojotu for his side of the story, or he failed to balance his story and instead relied solely on one-sided material from his favoured party, making the writer tragically an interested third party in the matter that he reported, with the intent to blackmail.

Any story that is putrid and stinks does not deserve a review. The Achussaso story is one example of such. You can see that its review has been deliberately and carefully avoided, so it is not given undue publicity.

Instead, suffice to know that Ojotu is a meek, kind-hearted, honest, diligent and hardworking young man with the fear of God as his watchword. He is a shining star beyond blackmail, because of his lifestyle. He is easily accessible and relates amicably with everyone; gentle to a fault and never hurts a fly.

Comr. Pst. Ojotu is a social crusader that has etched his name in the sand of time, with an unblemished reputation that has classed him among the most loved and widely acceptable young politicians of his community of Apa/Agatu Federal Constitutency and in the entire Benue State .

The young Comrade Pastor is an indigene of Agatu Local Government Area of Benue State.
A graduate of Political Science, Benue State University, Makurdi, Comr Ojotu is a former Commissioner for Youths and Sports and Students Union leader and the current Chairman, Nigerian Civil Service Union, Benue Council.

In all the positions Ojotu has held, both in appointive and as Union leader, he has demonstrated a high sense of true leadership, and prioritizes the interest of the people, organization and association. He is admired and respected for his wisdom, knowledge and the ability to rise up to his responsibility.

It is incontrovertible that Apa/Agatu Federal Constitutency has been enmeshed in developmental challenges and needs of a quality representative that will emancipate it from the doldrum of human and infrastructural decay. This is the sole reason Ojotu has yieded to the call on him — a all to service of his community — to stand for election come next year to represent his constituents at the Lower Chamber of National Assembly.

Concerned Apa/Agatu stakeholder wrote in from Agatu LGA, Benue State

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