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2023: Stakeholders demand senator of Igede extraction

*Urge parties to zone HOR seat to Oju

A cross section of participants at the summit

Igede stakeholders under the auspices of Igede in 2023 Movement have unanimously demanded the Benue South Senator of Igede extraction in the 2023 General Elections, saying that it was the turn of the Old Oju political bloc in Zone C political delineation of Benue State to produce the senator.

The stakeholders also urged political parties in Oju/Obi Federal Constituency to zone the House of

Prof. Johnson Onah, lead paper presenter at the summit

Representatives seat to Oju LGA in 2023.

These came as the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, distanced itself from the gathering of the stakeholders tagged: ‘Igede Political Summit.’

The stakeholders who also resolved to brace up together with the rest of Zone C to achieve common political goals in the zone and to seek collaboration with Zone A and B, stated its full resolutions on 2023 and other socio-economic and political issues in a communique issued at the end of a summit it organized and held in Oju at the weekend:


Worried by the dearth of socioeconomic and political development in Igede land, Igede in 2023 Movement, a nonpartisan political pressure group thought it wise to organize a political summit with a view to broadening the scope of political participation and charting new paradigms ahead of 2023 general elections.The political summit in a brainstorming session that drew participants from various spectra of Igede society identified issues that have been militating against Igede socioeconomic and political development to include :
1. Absence of Internal democracy within the Political Parties.

2. Absence of justice , equity and fairness in political leadership recruitment process.

3.Failure of Political Representatives who isolate themselves from the people they represent.4. General tendency towards selfishness, greed, avarice, envy and jealousy that polarize Igede people along the weak seams of parochialism

5. Disregard for public interest or common good in preference to personal and some times sectional interest.

6. Lack of strong point of convergence in Igede society.7. Poverty and economic disempowerment among members of Igede society, amongst many others.
8. Lack of accountability from political office holders
9. Elite indifference and conspiracy.

The summit, having identified, discussed and analyzed issues that caused backwardness ditto, resolved as follows:

1. That the sharing of political offices both elective and appointive positions should rotate strictly among the three (3) old districts (Old Oju, Old Okpokwu and Old Otukpo) power blocs in Benue South Senatorial District.

2. That the position of Senate for Benue South Senatorial District should rotate to Old Oju in 2023 in line with the spirit of equity, justice and fair-play.

3. That We will fully support any candidate of Benue Zone C extraction who runs for the governorship of Benue State irrespective of party platform

4. That We are determined to work together with the rest of Zone C to achieve common political goals in the zone and to seek collaboration with zones A and B in the State.

5. That the zoning of political offices in Igede land shall be followed strictly to allow for the preponderance of the principles of equity, justice and fairness and to avoid unnecessary crisis.

6. That consequent on the above, therefore, Political parties are encouraged to Zone the House of Representatives seat to Oju local government area in 2023.

7. That we as Igede people are determined to retain and nurture our cultural and political identities in the country without losing focus of the larger picture of unity.

8. That we will vehemently oppose, resist and prevent political gladiators from within and outside Igede land from selecting or imposing unpopular candidates on the Igede electorates thereby disrupting and disobeying our internal zoning arrangements.

9.We hereby resolved that Igede sons and daughters will collaborate, cooperate and unite with each other so as to speak with one voice and take a common stand on issues that affect the overall interest of Igede nation irrespective of political affiliations.


Prof. Ogah Ajene
Dr.(Mrs) Margaret Oga
Chief R. G. Ade
Prof. Stephen Onah
Dr. Isaac Egboja
Prof. Agwu Igwue
Prof. Adagba Okpaga
Prof. John E. Enyi
Prof. Johnson Onah
Prof. Emmanuel Ode
Gen. Ede Ode (Rtd )
Hon. Peter Egbodo
Rt. Hon. Nick Eworo
Barr. Jacob Ajene
Rt. Hon. Egbiri Idaah
Hon. Austine Okwoche
Chief Mrs Comfort Agogo
Dr. Jonah Ogbaji
Dr. Samuel Ominyi
Hon. Dave Odeh
Mr. Mike Idah
Dr. Jane Aja
Ade Joseph Otor
Hon. Charity Echor
Mr. Oga Ibe
Mr. Omirinya Jacob
Mr. Ogwuche Imoha
Engr. Okpe Onah
Rt. Hon. Adoga Onah
Dr. Isaac Ode
Hon. David Egboja
Mrs. Patience Erube
Engr. Ate Ogbaji
Dr. Susan Ogbaji
Dr. Francis Adeka
Hon. Ruskin Udoh
Hon. Job Onum
Hon. Omeno Edu Daniel
Hon. Sunday Ogbiloko
Chief Isaac Onwu
Mr. Okpole Akobi
Mr. Cletus Aruta
Dr. John OgahAnd a host of others, too numerous to mention.Communique Drafting Committee :
Hon. Amity Ijuwo – Chairman
Hon. Charity Echor
Hon. Ben Ogah
Hon. Barry Ogbaka
James Igiri Odeh – Secretary.
Ade Joseph Otor

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