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Three reasons among youth employment Kupchi-Iyanya was honored today

Barr. Mrs Kupchi-Iyanya

By Smith Akoko

On her birthday, Barr (Mrs) Patricia Kupchi was recognized as “the most effective, resourceful and outstanding Igede woman in Nigeria” by the Nigerian House of Dream Parliament, one of the noblest organisations in Abuja committed to encouraging outstanding public office holders. For Patricia, it is the trio of effectiveness, resourcefulness, and distinction; what her hand found to do, she does it well.

Barr Kupchi is Honourable Federal Commissioner, National Population Commission, Benue State. Findings are that the lawyer has successively piloted the Benue State’s NPC to glory as ‘Team Best’, a proclamation at the headquarters, Abuja, which implies championship amongst the 36 states of the federation. Woman and outstanding! Who says NHODP did not do a thorough research?

Much as that Kupchi’s effort defines effectiveness and distinction for which she was honoured, it is not certain if that was the organisation’s greatest motivation. What happened to the heap of plaudits by overwhelmed benefactors of her charity; the students reached out to in tertiary institutions of learning, the young boys and girls she has helped to get employed, and the young entrepreneurs established in various businesses in Jos, Makurdi, Oju and Obi?

First, it was Odeh Reuben doing the unusual with an emotional epistle, then David Ogo of BSU whom Mama Population returned to school – both of them Obi. Lest it be thought that Kupchi is kinder to Ito, methinks gratitude is simply in levels, so while some are overwhelmed and explode; others out of ‘maturity’ control their urge. It is hoped that this explanation suffice.

A young man who now sells building materials in Obarike Ito confirmed that Kupchi who gave him his NPC job without ever seeing his face is the architect of his fortune. He said he met her only after several months in service. Another of this writer’s friend in Oju who visited him days ago said he was at the verge of completing his boutique whose construction alone costs more than a million. Stories the inbox is flooded with. The list is endless.

Certainly not only Smith Akoko has been apprised of this rare benevolence of “the most effective, resourceful and outstanding Igede woman in Nigeria.” From one ear that cares to listen unto another, the testifiers let them fly, so that they were within the earshot of NHODP that neither let them slide nor consigned them to the bin. What is the magic behind her empowerment of young people across the state when not so much is heard of women? She deserves an honour. This organisation!

Coincidentally, Mama Population – or rather ‘Mama 4 Dey Youth’ which the younger people often prefer to call – marks another birthday anniversary today. It will be uncharitable not to celebrate this amazon to the latter. But first and foremost, congratulations and greater heights to lift more and more Benue youths as was Reuben’s desperate desire in his emotional open letter.

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