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Boycott of summit: Group replies PDP

Less than 24 hours after the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Oju/Obi federal constituency dissociated itself from the November 27 planned Igede Political Summit by the group known as Igede in 2023 Movement, the group has reacted in a press release and read as followed.

Re: PDP to boycott Igede political summit

Setting the Records Straight by Igede in 2023 Movement.

Our attention has been drawn to a communique issued by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Oju and Obi local government chapters after its meeting which held on the 22nd November, 2021, to the effect that they would be boycotting the planned Igede Political Summit scheduled to hold on 27th November, 2021 at the Multipurpose hall, College of Education, Oju, Benue State as convoked by IGEDE IN 2023 MOVEMENT, a non partisan pressure group in the mould of BENUE REBIRTH MOVEMENT (BRM).

In the Communique, the PDP is predicating its planned boycott on the lack of locus standi or competence of the Movement to convene such an auspicious political summit. Its decision is also supposedly hinged on a concocted clash of date with the Annual Convention of Om’Ny’Igede.

Given the above, and to set the records straight, we wish to categorically state that Igede in 2023 Movement has convened several Igede Political Stakeholders’ meetings with robust participation from all political actors, including members of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. Then, the locus standi or the competence of the Movement was roundly accepted without challenge.

Besides, the movement initiated a remediation of Aliade – Obarike Ito road when the crisis between Bonta and Ukpute in konshisha and Oju local government areas was raging as an alternative route for Igede people. This project, being a self-help project, attracted the commendations of all good spirited Igede people and was crowd-funded by the contributions from well-meaning people, including Rt. Hon. Samson Okwu, Member, House of Representatives for Oju /Obi Federal constituency, the 3 State house of Assembly members from Igede, the Chairman of Obi Local Government Council and many other prominent Stakeholders across party lines. Then, the locus standi of the Movement was not challenged. Then, one wonders why this is coming on the heels of the planned Political Summit which promises to provide a way out of the socioeconomic and political doldrums facing the Igede Nation.

On the purported clash of the event with Omi Ny’Igede’s Annual Convention, one begins to wonder when PDP has arrogated to itself the roles of the leadership and mouthpiece of Omi Ny’Igede, a body that is in itself invited to the planned Igede Political Summit.
In fact, Omi Ny’Igede has postponed her meeting to December before the movement fixed date for the summit.

For the avoidance of doubt, below are the core objectives of Igede in 2023 movement:


In our collective resolve and willingness to synergize and galvanize our efforts towards correcting the issues that have slowed down Igede political and socio-economic development, there is the need for a multi-party/multi-player platform for engagement on the aforementioned concerns of Igede Nation. This is necessitated by the long-term marginalization in the scheme of political space in Benue Zone C in particular and Benue State as a whole. It is therefore incumbent on all Igede sons and daughters to be objective, honest, open-minded and forward looking with suggestions and strategies in the advancement of this initiative with the following CORE OBJECTIVES :

*To identify a common platform of convergence for non-partisan political interests that exist in Igede land with genuine love and unity of purpose.

*To clearly articulate and define Igede interest in the 2023 (and beyond) – various political positions by exploring the prospects in the pursuit of Governorship, Deputy Governorship and the Senate; and other Federal political appointments from the State, e.g. Ministers, etc.

*To foster a formidable, unified and a cohesive front for negotiations at various levels with critical stakeholders among the Idomas and Tivs our collective aspirations/agitations.

* To set a multi-year agenda for general development (social, cultural, political, economic, educational, health, environmental, spiritual) in Igede land.

*To mobilize all resources and interest groups required for the attainment of our goals/objectives – ensuring the principle of inclusion and participation

* To set practical criteria for the emergence of credible and acceptable political leadership and accountability in Igede.

*To periodically organize/create opportunities for interfaces with Igede elites where non-partisan political discussions shall hold, with far reaching recommendations on the way forward.

From the foregoing, it is necessary to reiterate that Igede in 2023 Movement remains a non partisan movement.

It is and remains a platform for dialogue and interface on the general (non-partisan) issues that concern the Igede people.

We therefore appeal to all Igede Stakeholders across party lines to attend and participate in the summit as all outcomes of the summit will be consequent on the deliberations at the summit.

For the purpose of emphasis, we therefore, appeal to the members of the Peoples Democratic Party in Oju and Obi local government areas to look beyond the communique and attend the summit en-masse.

Igede ihior!

Signed :

Dr. Jonah Ogbaji, Chairman Steering Committee, Igede in 2023 movement.

Dr. Samuel Ominyi, Chairman, Team of Administrators, Igede in 2023 movement.

Hon. Dave Odeh, Chairman, Central planning Committee, Igede Political Summit.

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