James Ibechi

Powershift: Mark has the clincher, but Ortom kills agitation politically

Ortom (left) and David Mark

If someone hazards a point that Benue Zone C’s agitation for powershift is long comatose, he will be accused of sabotage. But truth is, accusation may not alter the reality on ground.

Starting from when the frontline proponent of powershift such as Sen. Abba Moro dropped guber ambition to concentrate on senatorial term two bid, some of us did not need a soothsayer or the biblical Daniel to interprete to us the Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin handwriting on the wall of powershift demand. We knew instantly that the comrade-senator must have foreseen brickwalls or cul-de-sac in the agitation path and must have been advised by his own instinct and perception to back off. And he did.

Abba Moro’s withdrawal then provided a mild first inkling that there was no silver lining in the atmosphere for the clamour for Tiv-Idoma powershift in Benue state anymore. So for Moro, the bird at hand is worth two in the bush. Or as Igede people would say, if care is not taken “Abba Moro ka kwojiga nyakpachiruku.”

Again, we know Tiv are the majority tribe and there is no one among them who has indicated readiness to let powershift see the light of day. Let alone the powerbrokers among the Tiv who are themselves constitited into hegemonists who are even in rivalry among themselves over who clinches the exalted seat of governor of the state in 2023, to even have time to spare a thought for powershift thing by the Idoma people.

However, there are those who think that the powershift movement is not about Abba Moro. So they believe that a miracle can happen to change the unpleasant atmosphere. It is not going to be like governorship will ever drop on the Idoma and Igede’s laps. So they keep the powershift hope alive and are pushing in the belief that until it is finished it is not finished, it is said.

Not as if anyone wants powershift move dead, but how many are clear-eyed enough to see that Governor Samuel Ortom the very person who encouraged Benue South on the agitation, is the same person who knew the politics of the agitation and where to politically kill it. And he did. How? I know this question would agitate your mind.

Governor Ortom deployed his wit and highest political skills to see that David Mark did not fit in or have the backing of PDP gladiators to be chairman of the acclaimed biggest party in Africa, PDP, because a mistake of DMark in the party’s helm of affairs would mean a PDP governorship ticket for an Idomaman in Benue. This is because David Mark would certainly leverage on the chairmanship opportunity to ensure that an Idoma guber aspirant say Engr Abounu or any other PDP man picks the ticket. But which Tiv man do you think would make that costly mistake? Atleast not Governor Ortom with all the powers and perks of governor in his hand and with the big influence he exerts on PDP top goons would he let it happen. So he killed the powershift battle right there with the emergence of Sen Ayu as the party national chair instead of DMark. It believed this is Governor Ortom’s handiwork.

What is left of the agitation now is shadow.

Many of the Idoma guber aspirants strutting with the campaign to be governor are inwardly looking for relevance and appointments in 2023. They know powershift move has been invariably halted time back.
Good morning, Nigeria!

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