James Ibechi

Letter of gratitude to Kupchi-Iyanya

Kupchi-Iyanya, Honourable Federal Commissioner NPC, Benue State

Good evening to you, Mummy. You made it possible for me to have testimony like other persons in my Church.

l really don’t know how l should communicate or express my profound gratitude to you, but l must confess that you are not just a mother but an exclusive dimension of Jehovah, which is love.

My biological mother has never seen you before but she blesses you everyday more than I do.

Mummy, l am grateful and l pray God to answer all your prayers and bring to pass that which you always ask of Him.You will never miss your reward for obeying God.

l am so desperate to see you occupying a special seat everyone in this nation will celebrate.

Thanks so very much, ma’am.

Odeh Reuben Eje, Obi LGA, Benue State

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