James Ibechi

Community backs Zone C’s governorship bid

Prof. Armstrong Adejo

The time for Benue South Senatorial District (Zone C) to produce the Governor of Benue state is 2023 and nothing, except God, can stop it. This was the declaration of the Idoma Community in zones A and B in Gboko on Sunday, September 25.
Speaking during a sensitization meeting between the Idoma Community Development Association, Gboko, Zones A and B Idoma Youth Forum and Benue Rebirth Movement (BRM) at the Idoma Community Hall in Gboko, the leaders said they had been doing their ground work to ensure the actualization of the dream of the Idoma to produce the next governor of Benue State.

Dr. Ada Idoga, the Ad’Idoma of Gboko and Amedu Oche Epoga, Chairman, Idoma Community Development Association, Gboko, recounted how they turned down requests for support from some aspirants from Zone A because of their belief in Zone C’s bid for the Governorship position in 2023. They said the Idoma community in zones A and B has the men, the women, the youth and the structures that were already working for the actualization of that objective and prayed God to make it a reality.
Others who spoke at the meeting, including Sule Owoicho Sunday, President, Zones A and B Idoma Youth Forum, Aboje Christian, Central Coordinator of the Forum, amongst others, all pledged their commitment to the Zone C agitation. The Youth President said all that the Forum, which has structures in all the 14 Local Government Areas of Zones


and B, needs is a vehicle to enable it deliver the needed support from the area.
Earlier in his address, the leader of the BRM delegation and Chairman of the Contact and Mobilization Committee, Prof. Armstrong Adejo, gave the background to the agitation. He said that in the past, the Idoma, Igede and other people of Zone C played prominent roles in the Northern Regional government, Benue-Plateau state and the Federal Government. He said Idoma people have also distinguished themselves in various professions, including the military, academia, music, medicine. Unfortunately, since the creation of Benue state 45 years ago, the people have not been opportuned to be governor simply on account of their relatively smaller population. It was in order to change that narrative, according to him, that BRM was formed in June 2020 to sensitize the people of the state on the need for power shift to Zone C in 2023.
Prof. Adejo informed the audience that BRM had covered a lot of ground in the agitation and urged them to key into it, especially by going home to register and obtain the Voter’s card.
Other members of the BRM delegation included Dr. Mathias Oyigeya, Hon. Eche Ijiga, Rt.Hon Christy Adokwu, Hon. Agbo Aboh and Hon. Joseph Ode. They all addressed the meeting on various aspects of the agitation, particularly the benefits of power shift and the need for the Idoma community to mobilize their members in large numbers to obtain the voters card, transfer their voting point to their village polling units and eventually going home to vote during the election.

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