James Ibechi

2023: Igede leaders meet in Makurdi, initiate move for Senator, Governor, others

By James Ibechi

Igede in 2023 Movement, on Saturday, met in Makurdi, and mandated the body, to among other resolutions, pursue a cause to actualize Benue South Senator of Igede and Benue Governor of Zone C extractions respectively in 2023.

The resolutions which were contained in a 12-page position paper titled ‘Steering Committee of Igede in 2023 Movement: A Proposal for Action to Igede Stakeholders Forum’ followed a clinical review of Igede political history.

The group came to a sad realization that “inspite of the symbolic acknowledgement of our presence as the third largest ethnic group in Benue State, we are politically de-listed from participation in the political affairs of the state.
” In this regard, we stress that since the creation of the state in 1976, no Igede person has ever been appointed minister, or elected Senator or governor.
” Likewise, no person from Benue South Senatorial Zone has ever been Governor.”

The group adduced the above grisly situation as a reason every Igede person is in full support of any move for equitable power sharing in Benue State generally and in Benue South Senatorial District in particular.

The Igede leaders asserted their recognition of three triumvirate blocs in Zone C around which power should or is rotated as Old Oju, Old Okpokwu and Old Otukpo.

The group said the worrisome scenario was further worsened by the alleged lopsided composition of the management of the newly established Federal University of Health Sciences (FUHSO) in which no Igedeman was qualified and competent to be appointed into.

They argued that 2023 would be the turn of the Igede to occupy the Benue South Senate position , just as they warned against Igede breaking away from the politics of Zone C, charging politicians irrespective of promordial cleavages and partisanship interest to close ranks and unite for purposes.

Specifically, the meeting resolved that, “the sharing of political offices both elective and appointive positions shall rotate strictly among the three old districts (power blocs) in Benue South.
” The position of Senate for Benue South Senatorial District shall rotate to Old Oju in 2023 in the spirit of equity, justice and fair-play.
” The zoning of political offices in Igede land shall be followed strictly to allow for the preponderance of the principles of equity, justice and fairness.
” We are determined to work to achieve common political goals in Zone C and to seek collaboration with the rest of Zone A and B in the State.
” We as Igede people are determined to retain and nurture our cultural and political identity in the Country without losing the focus on the larger picture of unity.
” We will vehemently oppose, resist and prevent political gladiators from within and outside Igede land from selecting or imposing unpopular candidates on the Igede electorates thereby disrupting and disobeying our internal zoning arrangement.
” We hereby resolve that Igede sons and daughters will collaborate, co-operate and unite with each other so as to speak with one voice and take a common stand on issues that affect the overall interest of Igede Nation irrespective of political affiliations.”

According to the Steering Committee Chairman of the Movement, Dr. Jonah Ogbaji, the resolutions would be recommended and subjected to a soon to be held larger Igede stakeholders meeting in Oju or Obi, for ratification.

Prominent Igede personalities from all walks of life including Profs, John Ibu, Ode Ojowu, Adagba Okpaga, Johnson Onah, Moses Ogbaji attended the meeting.
Others were the former UN envoy, Dr. Akwuma Egboja, House Of Assembly Member representing Oju state constituency, Hon. Steve Otumala Ogbu, Mr. Amity Ijuwo, Mrs Jane Ajah, Barr. Jane Otor, Jacob Omirinya, Cletus Adole Aruta and his uncle elder Patrick Aruta.
There were also John Okpong, Ade Joseph Otor, James Igiri Odeh, Dave Odeh, Kin Ibe, among many others among the roll call.

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