🏨: The Ogoli castle

By Friday Adakole Elijah

Two years ago, after several sweet stories about the beauty of a castle called AMBASSADOR RESORTS located in Ogoli – Ugboju, Otukpo Local Government Area of Benue State, I and some of my pen colleagues decided to pay a visit to this much talked about bulwark to periscope on beauty of the habitat.

We set out from the trado-political capital of the Idoma Nation and arrived at the RESORTS which no doubt was an epicenter of beauty deliberately orchestrated by nature with two kegs of palm wine imported specially from the Cannan city of Idoma land – Otukpa by the great pen pusher, Yemi Itodo.

On arrival, we bumped into the owner of the hotel, Ambassador Dickson Akor who was instantaneously pleased with our tour of the facility.

He ordered for a diet of roasted yams and native cock with red comb swarmed in specially made “Anoakpa” (fresh palm oil prepared from Akpa) for us to aid the palm tree liquid also known as “Otukpa Water”. He also entertained us with well refrigerated “Emo” from his chillers. He practically took over our visit and made us feel at home as we enjoyed the cozy elegance of the resort.

As we were about to devour the meal, Yemi Itodo with his “longer throat”, took the gizzard and one of the chicken laps with absolute disregard to my white “ijenagba”. I gave him a wicked glance that could have bewitched him and as a village boy who was used to that kind of diabolical looks, he instantly handed over to me the attempted coveted items with the words, “Chief, I was packing them for you” to the amusement of our host. I collected them from him with a firm warning never to try that again or else I will … to the amusement of all.

Before the arrival of the roasted chicken and yams, Ambassador Dickson Akor took us round the resort and what we saw attested to the veracity of the stories that were told. The vist was worth it.

The place was an embodiment of beauty. The lawns were beautifully laid with masquerade trees oozing out cool breezes with fascinating dancing steps.

The hall, conference centre, cyber cafe and swimming pool were all of international standards. Though my friend Yemi was afraid of swimming because there is no big streams in Otukpa, i was also not interested in swimming because I am more used to swimming in Ewulo, Oturukwu, Okpobi and Okpokwu rivers. As a young lad, in 1982, I had gone to swim in River Benue with my two little cousins at the North Bank end of the river not far from Katungu. That episode fetched me some generous slaps from my uncle.

The pavements were neatly laid with greenish flowers swinging with the waves of the winds.

The hotel can stand shoulders to shoulders with any hotel in the world. The facilities and services were unparalleled. The staff were so customercentric.

The proximity of the hotel to the ever bubbling Ogobia – Ankpa Road made the relaxation spot more unique as a centre of hospitality excellence.

I was not only happy that Ogoli had one of the best hotels in the country but perplexed and flagerbasted that the place is suffering from low patronage. This was probably because of the deplorable state of the Ogobia – Ankpa Road. The State Government should therefore exert some pressures on the Federal Government to as a matter of urgency come to the rescue of that road. If rehabilitate, economic activities of the area will be accelerated.

With what we saw, people do not need to travel to Abuja or Lagos for relaxation as what they may be looking for in “sokoto is already in our Shokoto”.

The edifice is naturally good for events such as weddings, parties, parley, conferences, birthdays etc.

I am sure that if Eric Amodu had gone with us, he would have engrossed himself in photo sprees.

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