James Ibechi

Igede Agba: Our cultural identity is our pride

Chief Oga Ero


A validatory commentary by Comrade Ben Obega, Igede Cultural Ambassador

A river that forgets its source, they say, flows no more. From the creation, all animals were not created alike. Different species of both social animal (man), domestic and wild animals were largely been recognized by their appearance.

Under the category of a social animal(man), the creator has sufficiently done the natural regrouping as manifested through one’s DNA.
Human stature , facial appearance and natural colours in no minute measures, had simplified the challenges of racial complexity.

Of course, regardless of name(s) associated with man’ s identity, which can easily be reduplicated across the racial border line, one has no difficulty in identifying a black race from an Indian, Chinese and the Almighty white. Despite the exponential decrease in racial discrimination that progressively paves way for inter-marriages across the tribes or possibly, across the races, the dominant gene still plays a vital role of racial identity.

It is not uncommon, Africa, has unique facial features from other races. Perhaps, in an attempt to distinguish one from another within the black race, tribal facial mark was/is a habitual indice of some groups identification among the black race.

Meanwhile, the facial means of identification or the unique mode of dressing is not an absolute variable to defining one’s cultural background. However, it forms an integral part of cultural identity globally.

Yes, scanning through a dignified and symbolic extraction of a set of tribe as shown below are Igede people largely resident in Benue State of Nigeria and scattered across the globe. Igede people, a non-facial tribal mark people, is well known for an attractive life style for ideal living.

Culture is the people’s total way of life. In actual sense, it is conservative. Because it does not grow older, it is preservative in nature. It is an index of a natural inheritance from generation to generations. The careful species of social animals refuse to sell it off with adulterated foreign culture. It is a virtue to be treasured by mankind.

Chief Chris Ijale

Though, in wanton search for greener pasture ,most people, most especially, within the age of the youths had been inflicted by foreign conduct. By ways of mutual communication, actions and reactions to environmental feelings and otherwise attempted to negate the originality of our existing culture. This inadvertently has punctured the fame, the pride, and the glamorous identity of our corporate cultural existence as people.

Very challenging in nature! Character assassination, the domineering degree of social vices amongst the younger age groups has appeared to be toxic to our refined cultural heritage.

Historically, most of the heroes who were the custodians of this rich culture has gone to meet their ancestors leaving the noble preservative assignment for we, the living .

However, there is a ‘latent’ war against any form of obstructions to an ideal cultural practices in Igede land. The preservative role of our traditional rulers is commendable. Though, in an atmosphere of peace scarcity, the agony of a global insecurity, in preservation of our cultural heritage, Igede people in a lowkey set to rehearse the sense of her dignity and pride of existence, globally.

Wishing you all, the pleasurable Igede Agba , celebration 2021 in advance. May the peace of God be sufficient in our domain.

‘ Ori ke echi gbego nyo- mu, omu tika kpela kale?’ The voice of Ugbodu Adikobia…..

Long live , Benue State!
Long live, HRH, Adirahu Nyi Igede!!
Long live , HRH Ada utu, oju& Obi!!!
Long live, the 3rd class Chiefs and other Chiefs!!!!
Long live, Igede sons & daughters, globally!!!!!

*Obega, SSA to Governor Ortom on Energy, wrote in from Oju LGA.

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