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Oju/Obi 2023: Jo-Lewis Obeka’s vision unveiled

Dr. Jo-lewis Obeka

In a recent live interview with jamesibechi.com a popular politician said that in 2023, Oju/Obi federal constituents are going to be disentangled from the grip of monetary inducement of voters, which coerces them to elect representatives against their own will.

Dr. Obeka

More often than not such representatives indeed prove to be the wrong choices for the people, taking into cognizance all parameters of performance check.

The pain is that, by the time the voters realize that they have made mistakes, it is dawn on them that they cannot undo their wrong action at the polling boots. They
have already taken bribe to vote. That is why they lack the moral right to tell their reps what the people want and the other way round.

“That scenario will be replaced and the narrative changed for credible visionary leadership for the constituency.” That is the import of the foregoing.

Dr. Obeka

It is on that backdrop that Jo-lewis Obeka(Ph.D) is coming with a vision to re-write the political history of Oju/Obi federal constituency for good.

In his vision as unveiled in the subsequent paragraphs, Dr. Obeka has paid heed to the popular yearning of Igede people to experience development through visionary leadership.

So, as we together build up to 2023 Oju/Obi federal constituency election, Dr. Obeka’s vision, goodwill and passion for the economic and political wellbeing of the Igede people should guide and influence their choice.

A promising leader, Dr. Obeka will weld the politically disintegrated Oju/Obi people of Benue South together for lasting unity and progress.

A support for his 2023 vision and blueprint will terminate the directionless representation of Igede people who are yet to be considered for any meaningful national political office.

Dr. Obeka loathes impunity, selfishness and those who have turned the constituency into their harvest field will be redirected on the path of sacrifice when Obeka goes to House of Reps in 2023.

Not only will greed and self aggrandizement subside, fresh breath of purposeful leadership will place the political destiny of Igede people in the hands of the people.

There will also be a rallying point for Igede from 2023 onward courtesy Dr. Obeka.

This will highlight his campaign message in addition to the following unveiled agenda for Igede by a man who is hope personified.

The Jo-Lewis Obeka 2023 vision unveiled:

Hon. Jo-Lewis Ochim Obeka (Ph.D)
Slogan: Hallmark Renaissance (Odochu)

Cardinal Targets:
– To give Igede a voice to be an effective minority in Nigeria, through desperate human resource development. Achievable through strategic employments, placements, business supports and scholarships ( home and abroad)
– Rural development through participatory communication to ensure equitable distribution of social amenities in Igede land
– Legislative attention to health insurance
-Liason offices in all the council wards in Oju and Obi LGAs to sustain contact with the constituents
– Quarterly constituency briefings and appraisal
-Annual Participatory Learning and Action ( PLA) in Igede land for prioritization of needs and strategic intervention
– Annual Support to Igede Traditional Council for Cultural Retreat for Village, Kindred & District Heads and other Chiefs
– Effective lobby/Alignment and sponsorship of bills in team playing spirit
– Deployment of human management experience /target orientation towards achievement
– Credible representation in all ramifications ( personality, high profile and confidence, etc)

The bane of the economic development of Igede people lies with the quality of representation at the highest level of government.

Obeka, is set, therefore, to explore legislative solutions to the question of underdevelopment in Igedeland.


On the long run, there have been strategic emplacements by past and present representatives, Dr. Obeka’s passion is to build on existing developments and bring new ideas to catch-up with present trends to meet modern demands of the Igedeman challenges going forward.

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