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Buhari and Ortom(L-r)

Governor Samuel Ortom is highly applauded outside the state for his hard stance against open grazing of cattle and against Gen. Muhammad Buhari’s policy on cattle farming and on security.

But at home, his scorecard is not as high in infrastructure and economy, generally. Yet, some of us who have a deep grasp of his policy direction implication refrain from hurling brickbat at him.

It is wished that the reader sees something out of this historical perspective to the current face off between the governor and Mr. President.

In 1804 Uthman Dan Fodio started Jihad War and conquered Hausa kingdoms — Katisna, Daura, Kano by 1807.

He also later conquered Gobir (1808) and linked over 30 Emirates in present-day northern Nigeria under the Sokoto Caliphate.

That was the aftermath of the Jihad War prosecuted by Uthman dan Fodio.

Bauchi and Adamawa were also claimed to be captured into the Sokoto Caliphate.

That success had emboldened Fulani people to claim that Benue too was part of Uthman Dan Fodio conquest, for Sokoto Caliphate.

Same reason It was also easy for the jihadists to claim that the entire Nigeria was Fulani’s by virture of conquest.

But it was not true.

Yet, that is the genesis of the present trouble between Fulani in herdsmen, Boko Haram, Northern bandits and kidnappers guises terrorising Nigeria, and the rest of the country.

They want to reclaim Nigeria their conquered territory!

The laying of false claim to Benue by the Uthman Dan Fodio led jihadists — for regarding Benue as their conquest — was helped largely by the fact that Benue was part of the defunct Northern Region.

So since no Hausa kingdom or emirate in the Northern Region could pose any challenge to the Sokoto Caliphate expansionists/jihadists, for the Fulani, it had meant that Middle Belt and the South of Nigeria were Sokoto Caliphate.

But it was a lie because, historically, Fulani were not able to conquer Tiv and Idoma in the Uthman Dan Fodio 1804 war due chiefly to the bravery of Tiv people in Benue. This fact is unassailable.

In fact, I got to be shown the mountain somewhere in Vandeikya LGA which helped Tiv to halt Uthman Dan Fodio jihadists and defeated them. The jihadists could not over run Benue to advance to the South, which has been the source of their anger against Benue till date.

So, it takes only a brave Governor as Samuel Ortom to reenact what the Tiv brave men did in the early part of the 19th Century to the Fulani Jihadist.

Otherwise, the Tiv and and the entire state would have been overrun and the jihadsts on their way to the South, full blown.

That is why when the ‘ignoramuses’ are criticizing Ortom, calling him out over his frosty relationship with Buhari I just laugh at them and ask God to let them see what Ortom sees.

Ortom is the unassailable bulwark against the modern Sokoto Caliphate expansionists into Benue, who are on their way to the south.

What about the Gideon Orkar’s coup of April 22, 1990, study the major reason Okar had to excise five Fulani controlled northern states from Nigeria.

The Uthman Dan Fodio reincarnate IBB was already decimating the population of Benue soldiers and their allies like Maman Vatsa in the Nigerian military, just because those Benue soldiers were the factor in the success in Keeping Nigeria one despite Biafran war to secede.

IBB was doing that to precipitate ground for Jihad so that with Benue population in the armed forces with thier God-gifted strength and stamina gone, no one would pose a threat to Jihad that would be unleashed from the Caliphate.

It was one of the things Major Orkar saw and he had to strike with a coup. Unfortunately, the coup failed.

Ortom must not fail in wedging war against the jihadsts or Nigeria and all of us are finished.

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