James Ibechi

BRM inaugurates zones A, B structures

Prof Armstrong Adejo, BRM spokesman

Cross section of BRM coordinators and secretaries from zones A and B

Hon. Patricia Ojo, Chairperson, BRM zones A and B Committee

The Benue Rebirth Movement (BRM) has inaugurated structures that will take its message to Benue North East (zone A) and Benue North West (zone B) Senatorial Districts
BRM is the umbrella organization of Benue South Senatorial District (zone C) which is championing the agitation for that part of the state to become the Governor in 2023. The Zone C has never occupied that position since Benue state was created in 1976. All the five elected Governors so far were produced by zones A and B.
Avm Monday Morgan (rtd), National Coordinator of BRM who, August 26, inaugurated the Coordinators and Secretaries for zones A and B as well as their equivalents in each of the 14 Local Government Areas of the two zones, charged them to take the message of power shift to the nooks and crannies of their respective jurisdictions.
The National Coordinator who was represented by Prof. Armstrong Adejo, the spokesman of BRM, briefed the newly inaugurated members on the background and philosophy of the Movement. He told them to adopt persuasive and brotherly approach to win the support of Tiv people of zones A and B for the project. He urged them to regard their assignment as a community service without immediate financial benefits but assured that in the envisaged new Benue of inclusive governance, peace and rapid development, everybody, including them, would be the winner.
Hon. Patricia Ojo, BRM’s Coordinator for zones A and B, explained that the composition and inauguration of zonal and Local Government Coordinators and secretaries was the first stage in building BRM structures in that area.
According to her, the second stage would involve the composition of the other members of the executive committee by the inaugurated officials. “When you go back to your local government area, you can make up your full EXCOs and they will go out to spread the gospel of fairness, equity, justice and togetherness so that the people will see reasons to align with us and hear our clarion call for Zone C to produce the next Governor of Benue State come 2023.”
Rev. Dr. Joseph Akpem, zone A Coordinator, who spoke on behalf of the newly inaugurated officials said the history and actions of Tiv people of zones A and C are rooted in their philosophy of Ya na wa ngbian (eat and give your brother to eat). He enjoined his fellow Tiv to see the Idoma, Igede and other minorities in Zone C as their brothers and apply this phlosophy to them.
He said: “Time has come for the minority to remind their Tiv brothers and sisters about the philosophy of Yan na wa ngbian. The Idoma and other minority groups in Benue are our brothers. We cannot ignore this fact. They are not demanding but requesting that the executive power of leadership in Benue be shifted to them.”

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