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Group canvasses powershift to Benue South in 2023

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Hon. Abbagu

With increasing momentum in governorship aspirations in Benue state, the leadership of political parties have been urged to allow power shift to Benue South senatorial district for fairness, equity and progress.
The chairman of the steering committee of Benue Progressives for Good Governance(BPGG), Hon. Daniel Abbagu observed at a recent meeting in Makurdi that it was time for a paradigm shift in favour of Benue South since any part of the state that had a senator at the National Assembly also had the required manpower to serve as the state governor.
The former governorship aspirant stated that BPGG was out to champion political power rotation in the state for progress and equity and called on well meaning Benue indegens to support the crusade for good governance, equity and fairness espoused by the group stating that this will smoothen relationship among the different ethnic groups in the state and allow for  synergy and cooperation required to fast track development.
He observed that Benue state was at the forefront of minority rights in the national political equation with the late J.S. Tarka as leading advocate against political marginalization in the nation, stressing that only a support to the clamour for power shift to Benue South will reflect this tradition.
On emphasis in the 2023 governorship election in Benue state, Hon. Abbagu said, “we need a developmental government so Benue State can grow. We therefore, need somebody as governor who possesses the quality, somebody visionary,detribalized and competent and such a person is in Idomaland as well as in Tivland but having given Tiv the opportunity as governor over the years, let us try Idoma in 2023 and later return to Tivland after eight years.”
He noted that each of the three senatorial districts in the state had a senator in the National Assembly with each of them qualified as governor and wondered why Benue Senatorial district should continued to be marginalized in disregard of its rich potentials and proven ability  expressed in different national political callings.
The former manager of Benue Investment and Property Company(BIPC) further stated that Benue South senatorial district had led Nigeria as President of the Senate twice, as well as National Chairman of a ruling party and as ministers, and it was therefore, qualified for consideration as governor in 2023.
He however called on people of the area, especially, Idoma, to embrace the agitation for power shift with confidence and commitment along side unity, cooperation and the required preparation to win the confidence and support of Tiv and other stakeholders.

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