James Ibechi

Benue Guber 2023:Ado community backs Zone C

Joseph Ode, BRM Media Relations Officer

The Ijigbam community of Ado Local Government Area resident in Makurdi  have thrown their weight behind the agitation by the people of Benue South Senatorial District (Zone C) to produce the Benue State Governor in 2023.
They gave their backing during an advocacy visit to the joint meeting of Ijigbam Community Development Association (IDA), Ijigbam Women and Youths in Makurdi, Sunday, June 6, by a delegation of Benue Rebirth Movement (BRM) led by Professor Armstrong Adejo. BRM, formed last year from the merger of numerous groups in Zone C and led by AVM Monday Morgan (retd),  is the arrowhead of the campaign for Zone C to produce the next governor of the state in 2023.
Summarizing the views of members of the community, Hon. Moses Adadu Onum, Chairman , IDA, assured the BRM of the support of the Ijigbam community in Makurdi, promising to link up with and mobilize the entire Ijigbam people back home and in other locations across the country to ensure the success of the project. He promised that the community would arrange for transport and other logistics for its members, particularly women and teenagers just attaining voting age, to go to their villages for the Continuous Voter Registration exercise and during elections, saying BRM’s support with logistics would be an added advantage. He said BRM’s mission has a divine backing and urged the organisation not to be disillusioned by previous failed attempts by Zone C to occupy the state’s Government House or be deterred by the status of Zone C as a minority.
He called for unity among all the people and component units of the zone since there is strength in unity.
Other members of the community who spoke during the visit were Hon. Sunday Onah, Engr. Simon Oketa, Hon. Agbo Abo, Joseph Unogwu, Engr.Ijeh and Mrs. Unogwu.
Earlier in his address, leader of the delegation, lProfessor Armstrong Adejo, gave the background to the formation of BRM and it’s agenda for power shift to zone C. He said the movement was an all-encompassing movement of all people of the zone who feel it was time, after 47 years of the creation of the state, for the zone to produce the state Governor.

He regretted that, even though similar attempts in the past failed, the agitation will succeed this time around with divine support and better coordination. He said, to demonstrate the seriousness of the project, it has been unaimously agreed that nobody from zone c would be allowed to accept the position of Deputy Governor, the position that is usually dangled by zones A ana B to divert attention from the governorship.
He urged the people to go home massively for voter registration and elections to minimize the numerical advantage of zones A and B.
Barrister Peter Ochejile, who was on the BRM delegation, said no time was more suitable than now  for zone C to be governor as all the five ruling families of the Tiv have concluded the rotation of the position among themselves.
Hon. Joseph Ode, BRM’s Media Relations Officer and member of the delegation, informed the Ijigbam community that the Igede people who have experienced marginalization like every other group in zone C are also actively involved in the struggle.

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