James Ibechi

2023: Oju/Obi Federal Constituency seat on the marble

(Between the people’s common position and home pride of Igede-nation)

By Ogoh Titus,

At various history making moments of Nigeria’s politics, row over supremacy of the party zoning arrangements has always been contentious, with both sides in dispute over zoning formula for  understanding,  arrangement and political correctness.

The current plight of the ruling party, the PDP, controling the Oju/Obi seat in the House of Representatives for 3 consecutive terms is no more a news, and the story may not differ as he guns for the fourth term.
In that situation, the political parties concerned assume the posture of determination to contain rebellion or disloyalty while the battle cry of the other side is resistance to powershit to Oju Local Govt Area.

Unlike most commentators on the raging political shenanigans in the Fed House of Representatives for Oju and Obi, share in the general opinion that the contest should simply be reserved for candidates from Oju Local Govt Area whose turn it is generally believed to be. 
Apart from the fact that there is yet no known documents strictly providing for such rational template, it may actually run against the grain of Section 42  of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended), which expressly forbids discrimination of any kind.

Even more so, in a multi-party democracy like ours, it is largely untenable to expect that all the parties would agree to field their candidates from just one Zone.
The usual cloak-and- dagger game complels each party to gauge the strategic nuances of its major opponents, including the zones of their respective choice preferences.

Besides, although, rotation now seems like a convention cast in iron, the fact still remain that no time in the past two decades of the current dispensation had there ever been an exclusive reserve of candidates from one Zone vying for Oju and Obi Fed House of Representative seat.

“It’s difficult to hold power and not wield it adversely”. The people of Igede have decided and jointly consented never again shall they be pocked by greed and selfishness, now welcome everyone to a new era of golden and advised every family to share a few political concern with each other in order to avoid shellacking.

Zoning is not  synonymous with mediocrity. The PDP was right in popularising it, because it brings relative peace. Today, people tend to have forgotten the situation that gave birth to it 20 years ago. Every region of this country can boast of people with integrity and commitment to public service.

Surprisingly, some people has whipped up themselves and their supporters into an unrealistic psychological frenzy in election cycle. It is always certain they end up at the tribunal.

Yes, it is on the chronicle that the present occupant of PDP is almost at the terminal destination of his tenure and he made history in the politics of our locality, either by accident, political godfatherism or by the people’s support.

A competent personality is needed in the National Assembly to champion the cause of the people.
Igede nation is at the heart and centre of democracy. A personality that will live up to his billings, who will lead the people into a rosy and delightsome future.

Orderly is better than speed. A consummate and a compelling personality to represent Oju and Obi in National Assembly is a big deal, and is something that requires tact and political savvy. Igede nation with such extra-ordinary moral capital and harvest of enlightened minds deserves to be led by a man of moral substance and a good measure of intelligence.

Igede-nation is stepping back from the edge of an abyss: an abyss of in his people from oppression. Igede-nation  has jettisoned the politics of old, and have now embraced a new era of realism. We have perceived what some elders described as foggy, smoggy and blurred, such was the abyss Igede-nation will never descend into again.

The best judges of a leader are the people at home. Whoever seeks external glory or support to neutralize rejection at home is an illusion and delusion of grandeur. Regardless of any pressure or persuasion, the people of Igede nation  must liberate their minds from fitters of dogma to work with a reasonable fellow, not for our personal interest, but to achieve monumental developments in Igede land.

As one family of one blood, speaking the same vernacular, should not allow their political loyalty to be torn by other strangers, already  many people have perceived a certain amount of brotherly and friendly rivalries between the two Local Govt Area of Oju and Obi ahead of 2023.
Igede-nation is greater than any individuals.

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